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Flexibility For Tennis

Discover The Easy And Effortless Way To Stretch
To Prevent Injuries And Play Your Best Tennis. You 
Will Get Proven Flexibility Tips And Strategies From 
Jeff Salzenstein, Former Top 100 ATP Singles Player, 
2 Time Stanford All-American And National Champion,  
And World Class Coach.
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ONE TIME $47 OFFER: Do you want to reduce the chance of injuring your shoulder when you play tennis? Get the Shoulder Saver Package, a 6 week shoulder program specifically designed to make your shoulder stable, mobile, and injury resistant. This is a one time offer only on this page.

Here's What You'll Get:
  • Pre Match Warm Up and Cool Down Program
  • The Breakthrough “Fix Your Feet” Bonus
  • How To Open Your Hips Bonus
  • The 7 Best Stretches You Must Do
  • Trigger Point Release Secrets

Jeff T

"I’ve been faithfully following your Strength and Mobility course routines now for about a year and I can say it really is making a difference for me. I feel much better day in and day out and my game is also benefiting as near as I can tell. Much appreciated…"

Sam, Maryland 

"While I am an advanced player and I coach as well.Your videos are fantastic. I cant say this enough: You are an AMAZING coach in every way. I’ve rarely seen anyone be able to break down tennis strokes and teach them in a more clear and understandable way than you can. Your coaching has improved my game immensely. This past weekend, my team that I captain and play on won the USTA 10.0 National Championships."

- Saru

"I am so happy to have found your course online. I cannot stop learning; have seen visible improvements and have already experienced a number of wow-wow moments. I am not too far away from challenging much higher ranked players in my ladder:-)!”

- Steve 

“The tennis serve online video course Jeff has put together is superb. Jeff always has these insights that seem on the surface like “minor” technical adjustments but end up being major breakthroughs.” 

- Michael 

" I have to say the program has totally transformed my serve. It has gone from being a real liability to a weapon....I had my doubts about learning over the internet, but with your videos and detailed advice, it is really quite easy..."
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