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I’ve been around the game a long time… played Connors 4 times, taught for Vic Braden, instructed 25 ATP players to meditate back in the 70’s… When I got back into coaching, I spent 150 hours studying technique at Sanchez/Casal, Nike/Bollettieri, Rick Macci, lots of Tennis One videos…

Your instruction stands out for its superior communication, clear and systematic progressions, more holistic approach… I could go on and on.
If I were a junior, you’re the type of coach I would seek out. Keep up the great work!"

-Steve, Iowa

“Your Strength and Mobility program might be
 your best program yet! The exercises are GREAT!

-Jeff M,USA

“I wanted to share with you the impact that your online courses have had on my tennis. Now, people in my club talk about my play being "on fire!" 
and I am so happy and excited to get a spike in my performance.

I cannot tell you how much I was starting to become disillusioned with my lack of progress until I met you. I can only describe your programs as an oasis of knowledge!” 

-Jason, Australia
It’s Jeff Salzenstein here, former ATP Top 100 singles and doubles player, 2 time Stanford All-American and National Champion, and I have a very important question to ask you....

Did you know that flexibility and stretching methods to prevent injuries and to optimize tennis performance continues to be grossly misunderstood?…

You would think that with all the new advances in tennis training that STATIC STRETCHING, yes static stretching that most players and coaches have performed blindly for years would be banned on every tennis court and in every gym around the world by now?  
The Cold Hard Truth is That 
Static Stretching is DEAD...
Tennis players unknowingly think that holding a stretch for 15, 20, or even 30 seconds at a time is actually helping them, but the harsh reality is that his type of outdated archaic approach to stretching is KILLING their chances of reaching their true tennis potential. 

And you could be making this very same mistake if you are static stretching as well. The bottom line is that STATIC stretching is doing more harm than good for you…and it’s time to change this old school paradigm with a new, cutting edge approach to flexibility training…
If you have any interest at all in improving your flexibility, preventing injuries, and playing your best tennis…then keep watching this video because you’re in for a real treat. 

Not only are you going learn a ton of valuable information about stretching but you are also going to have the opportunity to totally transform how you feel on and off the court with a unique program that I’m going to make available to you. 

This is something you wont want to miss out on so stay tuned….

Ok, let me ask you a few other things while I have your attention…

Are you interested in discovering a quick, effective, common sense, and FUN flexibility routine that will take your game to another level?

Curious about how you can follow a solid stretching routine that you can perform just about anywhere?… the gym, on the court, at home, or in a hotel room? 

Do you also want to learn stretches that will address every part of your body…that will allow you to feel looser, freer, move better on the court and to avoid those nagging injuries that pop up from time to time…? 

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, keep watching this video…things are about to really get exciting…
What's The Secrets To 
Novak Djokovic Success?

Now, unless you have been living under a rock the last few years, you know that there has been one player that has taken the tennis world by storm. 

His unwavering focus and mental toughness, his physicality, and his movement cannot be matched. You know this player very well, of course.. 

It’s none other than Novak Djokovic and you may have heard that over the last few years he has committed himself to a comprehensive stretching program which has allowed him to stay injury free and to become the most dominant player in tennis. 

Taking a long, hard look at how Djokovic approaches his on and off court training would be smart for you if you are committed to tapping into your true tennis potential. 

 And you must recognize that Novak’s commitment to becoming a modern day stretching “gumby” gives him that secret EDGE over his fiercest competitors. 
You might not have the time or the ability to focus on stretching as much as Djokovic does, but if you decide to incorporate a well thought out, step by step flexibility plan into your training...
...even if it's just a few minutes per day, you will feel and experience tremendous results…

I’m assuming this is something you want, right?
My Pro Tennis Career Almost 
Ended Before It Started...
I need to share with you how I uncovered the stretching secrets that will soon be revealed to you in this powerful program...

You may or may not know this by now, but despite my success as a player at all levels, I struggled terribly with injuries during my career, and to say I was frustrated at times, would be a gross understatement. 

In fact, by the time I was 25 years old, I already had been cut open twice…

That’s right…

2 surgeries… 

1 on my ankle... 

1 on my knee.... 
My body was breaking down and I was worried. I had to find a solution because I couldn’t accept that this is how it had to be for me. So I went on a search…

I studied nutrition, strength, mindset training, and stretching. It took me years to uncover the training secrets I was looking for especially when it came to understanding proper flexibility methods. 

Luckily, I met some very gifted flexibility coaches who knew exactly what they were doing. With their help and my commitment to opening up my body, to getting looser and more flexible I felt better in my 30’s than I did in my 20’s. 

I actually became the 1st American to break the top 100 in the world in singles at the age of 30, and I owe a lot of my success to limiting my injuries later in my career by adopting smart stretching protocols…. 
Jeff Salzenstein ripping a forehand at an ATP event at age 32
These 2 Coaches Literally 
Saved My Career?...
There were 2 coaches that had a profound impact on my flexibility training and I have to acknowledge them right now. At a time when I needed guidance later in my career after having a lot of injuries I personally flew to meet these 2 gentleman at their respective training centers. 

I traveled to Ohio to meet the legendary Dick Hartzell, affectionately known as “The Band Man” and he showed me how I could use my own body and a resistance band to stretch effectively. 

He taught me to approach my stretching in a dynamic fashion, to keep moving through all my stretches, and to never be passive or static. In other words, don't hold stretches for an extended period of time. 

I watched in awe as Coach Hartzell probably close to 70 years old at the time, easily dropped down into the splits. I observed his incredible flexibility especially in the hamstrings and discovered how he used resistance bands to give him that edge. I was deeply impacted and inspired…
I also sought out Phil Wharton in Arizona to helped me rehabilitate a nagging shoulder injury and to show me his powerful flexibility methods called Active Isolated Stretching.

Along with his father, Phil has consulted and coached thousands of athletes worldwide on their flexibility training.

I really connected with Phil and appreciated all that he taught me…deep down I knew that his cutting edge approach to stretching would allow my body to repair itself and to prepare me to compete at an even higher level.

Here’s what I learned and what I am excited to pass on to you…

Instead of performing static stretches where you hold a position for an extended period of time, the goal is to only hold a stretch for 1 to 2 seconds and to perform a particular movement for a set number or repetitions before moving on to the next stretch.. 
Just Give Me A Few Minutes Per Day... 
And if you’re thinking that following a stretching program might take too much time, that it’s tedious and boring, please understand that I’m not going to ask you to put too much time and effort into your flexibility training. 

Seriously, just give yourself 10 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times per week and you’ll feel amazing! 

Heck if you only have 5 minutes per day, that’s going to be better than doing nothing at all. 

And even if you don't have 5 minutes, which I find hard to believe...

I mean…you can probably carve 5 minutes out of your day to stretch, cant you? 

Ok, if you don't have that kind of time, you can still focus on doing 1 to 2 stretches every day which will take no more than 2 minutes out of your hectic schedule…yes, 1 to 2 minutes daily can give you positive results. 

It’s not ideal…I mean I would want you to stretch more if I were coaching you, but when you consistently stretch the right way, even for a minute or 2 at a time day, you’ll notice a difference. 

Sure…I’d love for you to find 15 minutes to stretch each day before or after you play tennis, OR before you go to sleep, but if you don't have it in you, you can try this cool strategy that I use when I’m busy and pressed for time… can break up your stretching into little mini routines… 1 or 2 stretches first thing in the morning

...then 1 or 2 more at your lunch break 

...then stretch again for a minute before your match...

...and finally do 1 to 2 stretches before bed. 

This will only take a few minutes each time you stretch, but the payoff for your tennis will be massive...
The Problem That’s KILLING Your Chances To Prevent Injuries And Pay Your Best Tennis...
How you go through your daily life is TERRIBLE for you if you want to reach your true potential...
  • Sitting for hours at a desk working
  • Sitting in your car on the way to work, especially in traffic  
  • Sitting for hours on planes
  • Sleeping in compromising positions
Flexibility For Tennis Is Your 
New Secret Training Weapon...
In response to suggestions made by a number of subscribers, I created a powerful program called: FLEXIBILITY FOR TENNIS.
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You Prevent Injuries And Increase 
The Natural Power On All Your 
Shots, Especially Your Serve… 

Flexibility For Tennis has several powerful video lesson routines with simple tennis specific stretching exercises EVERY tennis player can enjoy.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Flexibility For Tennis...
  • 63 simple tennis stretches plus bonus exercises
  • Easy to follow exercises with clear instructions giving you the right form.
  • Detailed personal instruction as I perform each stretching
  • Inspirational music to stretch to as you follow along with me
  • And much, much more …
Let me detail the chapters and exercises:
Level 1: Lower Body Routine
Hip Flexor Stretch  

Bonus: Hip Flexor Stretch Sidelying With Band

Hip Flexor/Quad Stretch Bench 

Bonus: Quad Stretch Sidelying With Band

Pelvic Tilt Stretch 

Hamstring Stretch Bent Leg

Hamstring Stretch Straight Leg

Adductor Stretch Straight Leg  

Bonus: Adductor Mobilization 

Abductor/IT Band Stretch 

Hip External Rotation Stretch

Piriformis Stretch Bent Leg Band

Calf Stretch
Level 1: Upper Body Routine
Back Flexion Stretch - Sitting 

Lat Stretch - Tilt The Body 

Bonus Stretch: Lat Stretch - Side To Side 

Tricep Stretch - Same Shoulder 

Chest Opener Stretch - Wrists Neutral 

Arm Raise Stretch 

Rotator Cuff Stretch - Straight Arm 

Rotator Cuff Stretch - Bent Arm 

External/Internal Stretch - 90/90 

Neck Stretch - 3 Positions 

Wrist Extension Stretch 

Wrist Flexion Stretch 

Fingers Extended Stretch 

Fingers Flexed Stretch 
Level 2: Lower Body Routine
Hip Flexor Stretch Sidelying Without Band 

Hip Flexor Rotation Stretch

Hip Flexor/Quad Stretch - Hand Assisted 

Bonus Stretch: Quad Stretch Sidelying Without Band 

Hamstring Stretch Bent Leg Multidirectional 

Hamstring Stretch Straight Leg Multidirectional 

AdductorStretch - Bent Leg With Band 

Abductor/IT Band Stretch - 90 Degree Hip 

Rotator External Stretch - On Back Hip 

Rotator Internal Stretch - On Back 

Piriformis Stretch - Bent Leg Without Band 

Ankle Rocker Stretch 
Level 2: Upper Body Routine
Hip Flexor Stretch Sidelying Without Band 

Hip Flexor Rotation Stretch

Hip Flexor/Quad Stretch - Hand Assisted 

Bonus Stretch: Quad Stretch Sidelying Without Band 

Hamstring Stretch Bent Leg Multidirectional 

Hamstring Stretch Straight Leg Multidirectional 

AdductorStretch - Bent Leg With Band 

Abductor/IT Band Stretch - 90 Degree Hip 

Rotator External Stretch - On Back Hip 

Rotator Internal Stretch - On Back 

Piriformis Stretch - Bent Leg Without Band 

Ankle Rocker Stretch 
On Court Routine
Calf Stretch - Foot Down  
Bonus Stretch: Calf Stretch - Foot Up  

Bonus Stretch: Ankle Rocker Down Dog Position

Achilles Stretch - Foot Down  

Bonus Stretch : Achilles Stretch - Foot Up  

Hip Flexor Stretch 

Quad Stretch

Hamstring - Forward Leg Swings  

Bonus Stretch: Hamstring - Foot On Net

Adductor Stretch - Sideways Leg Swings  

Bonus Stretch : Adductor Wide Leg Side To Side  

Bonus Stretch: Piriformis Stretch

Ab Stretch 

Lat Stretch - Net Post 

Tricep Stretch 

Chest Stretch 

Prayer Stretch - Behind The Back

Rotator Cuff Stretch - Straight And Bent Arm 

Neck Stretch 

Wrist Extension

Wrist Flexion       
But Wait! That’s There’s More...
You'll Get These 4 Really Cool Bonuses...
BONUS #1: 
“Open Your Hips”  

Absolutely FREE!
BONUS #2: 
“Trigger Point Release” 

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BONUS #3: 
“The Super 7”  

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BONUS #4: 
“Fix Your Feet”  

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These are follow along step-by-step videos where you will see EXACTLY I how perform each stretch...

Never holding a stretching for more than 2 seconds...

Remember this is ACTIVE stretching...

You can download all the videos on to your laptop, PC, 
tablet, or smartphone.

You can work on your flexibility for tennis just about anywhere...

Just a few minutes per day can have a MASSIVE IMPACT on our tennis and your overall health... 
A CRITICAL Message for Every Tennis Player
Flexibility For Tennis is for every tennis player...
  • Club Players
  • Beginners
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Juniors
  • College Players
  • Touring Pros
  • Coaches
  • Parents Of Junior Players
IMPORTANT: These are the same stretching and flexibility exercises many of the top pro tennis players and athletes use. 

But, guess what…you don't have to be a top pro athlete to get the results you want when you pick up Flexibility For Tennis. 

You know what the master key is....

Just get started by taking action. 

I guarantee you’ll feel looser, freer, and better after your 1st flexibility workout. 

And just imagine how you’ll feel after a week, a month, even a year of following the flexibility advice you’ll get in this program.
This Special Offer Expires In:

You don’t need to join a gym...

You don’t need to spend hours sweating...

You don’t need a personal trainer...

You don’t need to buy any expensive equipment.

You just need to carve out a few minutes per day (or at least 3 times a week)...

And get Flexibility for Tennis...
Truth be told, if you’re not stretching the right way, you’re falling behind. The top pros in the world know this and make it a priority with their off court training. 

They even sacrifice their on court practice time to make sure their flexibility is optimal. 

The Highest Level Flexiblity Instruction 
At A Bargain Basement Price. 
This type of information would cost you thousands dolllars to hire me for several hours of stretching lessons and coaching. 

Or you could spend years trying to find this type of the information that can’t even match what’s in this simple, well organized program geared specifically to help you increase your flexbillity, reduce injuries, and improve your performance on the court.

So instead of writing be a big check for expert flexibility coaching or searching high and low for answers with no guarantee you’ll ever find this cutting edge information, save BIG and get Flexibility for Tennis for just $47. 

That’s a super-low price especially when you consider all the value you will get out of this program. But hurry because this price is only available for a limited time.
The stretching routines and lessons iin FLEXIBILITY FOR TENNIS are going to help you transform your tennis and play pain free tennis for years...
You’re going to add serious power to your game, especially on your serve.
You are going to move like a cat on the court with your newly developed flexibility...

Order FLEXIBILITY FOR TENNIS and if, for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not totally satisfied, you’ll get a full prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked.
Have your Credit card handy and click the“Add To Cart” button below to get FLEXIBILITY FOR TENNIS...
This Special Offer Expires In:
The Reality Is That You Have A Choice…
You can keep doing what you have been doing, either stretching your way (might be INEFFICIENT) or not stretching at all and hope that somehow, someway you start getting better results with your tennis or you can go with me and follow my revolutionary Flexibility For Tennis program. And you can try this program risk-free while you start dramatically improving  your flexibility quickly and easily...

The choice is yours. I know you will do the right thing.

Let’s Get Better Together,
Jeff Salzenstein 
Former ATP Top 100 Singles And Doubles Player
2 Time Stanford All American And National Champion
USTA High Performance Coach
P.S. Ask yourself this….

“How can better flexibility lead to less injuries, better movement, more power on the serve and all other shots when you need it?” 

It’s a great question. 

Simply put...when you have longer, looser, freer muscles, your body can do its thing more naturally and effortlessly and move with fluidity and grace. When you do this the game of tennis will be easier to learn and you’ll play at a level that you have always wanted...

...Increase your racquet head speed naturally and easily get to wide balls and short balls.  

This is no brainer to get this program so that you can increase your flexibility right now.

This Special Offer Expires In:
NOTE: The Flexibility For Tennis is a downloadable course. No physical products will be shipped.
After your order, you will gain Instant Access to the Flexibility For Tennis program.
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